Azad Desh Ke Ghulam - 1990


Bharti Bhandari lives a wealthy life-style with her mom, Sharda, and dad, Ashok. She studies in law college, where she is in love with fellow-collegian, Vijay Srivastav. Another collegian, Vicky, who is also smitten with Bharti, tells her that Ashok has made millions not by a legitimate business but by smuggling, kidnapping, selling children and young women.

Bharti is shocked, she confronts her father, but he denies everything. Satisfied that her dad would not lie to her, she goes for a trip to Goa along with Vijay and that's where she actually sees her dad, who is supposed to be in London, U.K., smuggling some children abroad a yacht. Bharti and Vijay find out that Ashok has vital documents that will lead to India being taken over by a foreign power, and they decide to put a stop to this.

Before they could do anything, Vijay is killed. When Bharti confronts her parents, resulting in arguments, which lead to a physical struggle, resulting in the death of Sharda, and Bharti shooting Ashok to death. Bharti takes the documents and runs away to distant Ooty in a bid to escape the murder charge and bring the documents to the appropriate authorities. But Ashok's associates find out and she becomes their target, she hires a bodyguard named Jamliya, who proves to be unreliable.

Bharti will now find that her worst nightmare comes true when a couple claiming to be her mom and dad surface out of nowhere, backed up by none other than her very own paternal uncle, Kishore Bhandari. The motive to prove her insane. But the question remains what will Kishore and her new parents gain by proving her insanity or is this nothing but her mind playing tricks on her.

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