Anjaan Parindey - 2015


Anjaan Parindey is the story that attempts to portray the evil side of poverty and its repercussions as it traces the journey of a few street children.

Trying to make their living out of odd jobs, a group of street children, Munna, Pakya, Tillu, Harish and Ganga live their life in peace. Munna comes across a tourist Aradhana, who pesters him to not only become her guide but later, demands drugs from the kid. While Munna takes her to Swami who supplies her substance, she later takes Munna to a hotel where she forces him to have sex with her. However, Munna flees from the scene, giving an opportunity to Swami who not only rapes Aradhana but also kills her by pushing her from the fifth floor. On the other hand, Munna and children meet sweet natured and friendly Annie who works for the betterment of these kids. Amidst the existing problems, Munna s friend and their gang member Ganga gets kidnapped and falls prey to the lecherous clutches of Swami.

Cast & Crew

S. R. Pratap, Hemant Salve
Charanjeet Arora

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