Aks - 2001


Manu Verma (Amitabh Bachan) is the head of security for Defense Minister Amol Palekar. This is his job, his goal, to protect him from any harm. Nandita Das plays his wife. Manoj Bajpai plays the character of Raghavan, a soldier, a mercenary, whose goal is to kill the Defense Minister. He is a master at disguises and has fooled many people into believing that he is someone that he is not. Mahadevan (K.K. Raina) is his brother. He is a psycho who shows no mercy. He is the one who has trained Raghavan into becoming a successful charlatan. Raveena Tandon plays his girlfriend, a sensual woman who does as she pleases.
Raghavan succeeds in killing the defense minister, the person who Manu is supposed to protect with his life. After accomplishing this he sets a higher goal, the Prime Minister. Again, Manu is in charge of his security and safety. Raghavan makes a bold attempt to kill the P.M., but this time he fails, Verma kills him when he strives to escape. This is only the beginning on the story. Raghavan's spirit comes back and enters Manu Verma's body and continues to do his dirty work, committing one crime after another. Raveena Tandon is grief stricken and Nandita Das notices the change in her husband. How the ghost is removed is something to see.

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