Aitbaar - 1985


Neha is the only daughter of wealthy and widowed Mr. Khanna, and he would like to see her married and well settled before he passes on. Neha is in love with Sagar, who is not prepared for marriage, so she marries the man of her dad's choice, a tennis player, Jaideep. Soon after her marriage, her dad passes away, and she finds that Jaideep does not love her anymore, and is, in fact, very abusive toward her. This leads her back to Sagar's arms, who is now a successful singer.

Then Neha notices a remarkable change in Jaideep's behavior, he abstains from alcohol, starts taking an interest in her dad's business, appears apologetic for his past abusive behavior, and adores her. Then her life turns upside down when she receives a letter from a blackmailer, asking her to pay INR 1 lakh or a love letter written to her by Sagar will be mailed to Jaideep. Neha delivers the money, but is unable to get the letter back. She confides about this to Sagar. While Sagar and Jaideep are out at a stag party, Neha's house is broken into, and a man named Vikramjit attempts to kill her, but instead ends up getting killed by her.

The Police, summoned by Jaideep, find the letter from Sagar in Vikramjit's pocket. As a result Neha is arrested, tried in court, and sentenced to death under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. Eventually, Neha is proved innocent and Jaideep is found guilty. He commits suicide unable to bear his defeat.

Cast & Crew

Mukul Anand
Romesh Sharma
Vinay Shukla

Aitbaar Movie - Songs

Kisi Nazar Ko Tera Intezaar

Awaaz Di Hai

Khali Peeli Pyar Se

Tum Aur Main

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