Achanak - 1998


Arjun (Govinda) lives a charmed life, surrounded by the family he loves and working at his family's thriving business. Then he meets Pooja (Manisha Koirala), and his life gets even better. The two quickly fall in love. But when a mysterious attempt to kill the happy couple alerts them to the presence of danger, their troubles have only begun, and soon Arjun's brother (Rahul Roy) is killed in an accident no one could have foreseen. Pooja is mistakenly convicted of murder, and Arjun must save her while he keeps up his family responsibilities, but his father soon meets a cruel end as well.

Now, on the run from both the police and the mysterious criminals, Arjun and Pooja work to expose the truth while evading a fate at the hands of either. Wealthy industrialist Yashpal Nanda is widowed, and lives with his daughter, Nisha, and two sons, Vijay, and Arjun.

He gets Nisha married to Nilesh, while Vijay gets married to Madhu, and Yashpal is on the look-out for a suitable bride for Arjun. Arjun makes the task easy for him when he introduces a young woman by the name of Pooja. Yashpal is overjoyed and happy with Arjun's choice and cannot wait for them to get married. The Nanda family's world gets turned upside down when Nisha and then Vijay pass away suddenly, leaving the family devastated. Then Yashpal, too, suddenly passes away. The police arrive on the scene to arrest Arjun for murder. The question to be asked is are the Nandas a victim of fate, or are they targets of a conspiracy?

Cast & Crew

Naresh Malhotra
Vijay Galani
Dilip Sen, Sameer Sen

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