Abhay - 2001


The season is winter. Major Vijay Kumar (Kamal Haasan) is all set to marry his newscaster girlfriend Tejaswani (Raveena Tandon).

Vijay Kumar has a demented brother Abhay (Kamal Haasan), who had been an inmate of a few mental asylums for the past 22 years. The asylum authorities turned down many attempts made by his family, requesting for the release of the patient, since they thought that Abhay was unfit and probably dangerous.

And then Vijay makes the grave mistake of going to the asylum to meet his twin brother to say sorry for not being able to get him out. Vijay and Tejaswini don't know that they are responsible for unleashing hell in Delhi and in their own lives.

Abhay, like his name, is fearless. A mind with no draping of etiquette or civic behavior. The human mind at its most naked form.

Cast & Crew

Suresh Krishna
Kamal Haasan

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