Aakhri Sauda - The Last Deal - 2016


Silver 9 Movies' Aakhri Sauda - The Last Deal is a story of love, lust, deceit, revenge and murder. Dheeraj (Zuber Khan), a middle class boy, marries Payal (Tanvi Arora), a rich girl. Payal's father (Ehsan Khan) is against the liaison but Payal and Dheeraj who are madly in love marry each other sans his permission. One day Dheeraj is devastated to learn that Payal has brain tumour and needs surgery which is way out of his financial capabilities. As a last ditch effort Dheeraj approaches Payal's father for the money who decides to help on the condition that Dheeraj divorces Payal.
In the interim one of Dheeraj's friends Monty decides to dupe Monica and pretends to be in love with her. But Monica despite being able to see through Monty's plan marries him and later kicks him out after he cheats on her with his girlfriend Sheetal. However, on parting with Monty, Monica warns him to repay her the sum he stole. Not finding a way out of paying Monica, Monty convinces Dheeraj to have an affair with her, so she can later be blackmailed. However things take a turn for the worse when the Police begin an investigating Monica's death. So who really killed Monica and was she really murdered forms the rest of the film.

Cast & Crew

Sandeep Kumar
Mukesh Malhotra, Padmakar Athawale
Sandeep Kumar
Raja Ali

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