Bhool Bhulaiyaa - 2007


Akshay Kumar as Dr. Aditya Shivastav
Restrained, practical, serious... That is what being a Doctor is about! And that is exactly what Dr. Aditya is not!! Radical, eccentric, unpredictable... none of these are the hallmark of Doctors... And that is exactly what Dr. Aditya is all about! No wonder when he is faced with a case like none other, his brilliant brain comes up with a solution like never before.

Vidya Balan as Avni Chaturvedi
She is every man's dream come true. Simple & beautiful to look at and easy - going to be with. No wonder Avni is a wife Siddharth is proud to have. She walks shoulder to shoulder with her husband sharing the good times and the bad. But this time what the two have to combat is beyond comprehension. Now it is time for Avni to share the biggest anxiety her husband can ever face...

Paresh Rawal as Batukshankar Upadhyay
He carries fear in his pocket, apprehension in his eyes and suspicion in his gait. He is Siddharth's uncle whose very presence is enough to guarantee laughs - Even at a time when things happen, that are certainly of no laughing matter.

Shiney Ahuja as Siddharth
Mind caught in a mythical situation! His predicament was peculiar! Should he trust his own sensibilities or believe what his eyes see? The US based Siddharth is comfortable with his royal lineage. But while this face is a matter of quiet pride, it soon proves to be his biggest undoing.

Amisha Patel as Radha
The petite and demure Radha is so loved by the whole family that it is hard to believe that she has been adopted into their fold. She has a special place in her foster father's life, but could never find a place in her childhood love Siddharth's heart. Even as she is dealing with this dejection, she finds herself embroiled in a web that threatens to entangle them all... Is she a mere spectator to this or something more?

Rajpal Yadav as Chhote Pandit
He is a local priest who is also the local all-over-the-place man. He is here, there, everywhere - Not only physically but even mentally. You find him where least expected and do not find him when expected. Hardly surprising, that the most unexpected things happen to him.

Manoj Joshi as Badrinarayan Chaturvedi
He is the perfect opposite of his brother-in-law Batukshankar Upadhyay. The eldest uncle of Siddharth, Badrinarayan is a solid man who carefully gauges situations and never ignores the slightest doubt that enters his astute mind. Serious in his demeanor and serious about what he believes in, Badrinarayan knows when something is too serious to be overlooked


From racy America to his hometown in the interiors of India, it was a long journey indeed for Siddharth (Shiney Ahuja). But nothing could match the mind-boggling journey that now lay in front of him. For it was a journey into an astounding maze in which each step meant mystery, discovery, surprise, shock and revelation.

With open arms, his large extended family welcomes the US based Siddharth & his newly wed wife Avni (Vidya Balan) when they come home. But what the family resists is Siddharth's insistence on staying in his royal ancestral mansion during his stay. His uncle Badrinarayan Chaturvedi (Manoj Joshi) particularly has no qualms about voicing his displeasure. For it was that very mansion that held in its realm, a deadly secret that had repeatedly destroyed the family for generations.

The scientifically inclined Siddharth pays no heed and starts staying at the palatial mansion with Avni who is equally modern in her thinking... But soon enough the couple is forced to rethink their decision... Unforeseen happenings, mysterious elements, horrific indications and life threatening incidents swarm their path. Suddenly it becomes a situation that urgently had to be dealt with before it got too late.

Siddharth instinctively finds the solution in his dynamic Doctor friend Aditya (Akshay Kumar). When Dr. Aditya finds his way into the mansion, he

Cast & Crew

Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar
Sameer, Sayeed Quadri

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