Chal Mere Bhai - 2000


Sapna (Karisma Kapoor) is supposed to be a poor orphan who has arrived in Mumbai to look for a job, through from her snazzy clothes with matching accessories, she looks more like a model. The commerce graduate applies for a secretarial job and bursts into tears on being rejected for not knowing typing or shorthand!

The boss of the company (Dalip Tahil) melts at the sight of her tears, and over the protests of his son Vicky (Sanjay Dutt), hires her. At first neither Vicky nor his good-for-nothing brother Prem (Salman Khan) can stand the gawky girl, but very soon both fall in love with her.

Sapna prefers the clownish Prem to the serious Vicky, but when she is chosen as a bride for the older brother, Prem comes up with the usual drama of pretending he was just stringing her along. In any case the two brothers love each other so much - all that macho bonding stuff - that a woman would be kind of redundant in their life.

Cast & Crew

David Dhawan
Nitin Manmohan

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