I Owe my Success to Cabbies & Autowalahs: Himesh

Himesh Reshammiya has decided to go a step further to keep up his hero status with the people who made him famous as an actor and singer - the cabbies and the auto rickshaw walas.

You may find autowalahs putting up posters of Himesh inside their autos and playing his music on their terrible music system all through your tragic journey.

Himesh Reshammiya?s next movie as a hero is releasing on October 17th and before that he plans to have a contest.

Says a source in T-Series, ?Himesh has always had a huge fan following among the rickshaw and cab drivers. They love him, his songs and consider him to be their hero. For his debut film, Aap Kaa Surroor too, the singer-turned-actor had done his bit for his large fan following. He shot the climax scene with three rickshaw drivers. This time, Himesh has conceptualised an all-India event for the cabbie and auto drivers. The drivers will have to submit a Xerox of their ID with their entry forms.?

Himesh is also very excited about all this -

?I owe my success to all my cabbie and auto driver brothers all over India, and as tribute, and I want to do this Karzzzz show. I want to do something for each one who has been responsible for my success! The contest is a great way of reciprocating my feelings towards them. I don?t know who else is performing but I will be singing four songs from Karzzzz. It?s going to be a big event and the drivers will be given free passes to attend. We are still finalising the event details but it will definitely be held before the release.?

This way one day Himesh will end up like Mithun Chakraborty. Because if doesn?t stop singing in his own songs people will be too disgusted to see him in his films. And his fan following will be solely restricted to Auto rickshaw walas.

Do Something About That Himesh!

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